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Eloquently Speaking is a unique and dynamic place that God uses me as the ink in HIS INKPEN, to create inspirational messages of hope to help somebody else to shine!  Shine is to be a source of light in a dark place where people are hurting, looking for answers and searching for HOPE.  The overall flavor of Eloquently Speaking is to declare that HOPE IS ON THE HORIZON!  Be happy to be YOU and know that you are a good thing not because I say so but because God said that everything that HE MADE WAS Good! Welcome to a happy place where you can breath in the light of God's love and exhale the darkness that comes to steal your joy.  Welcome to safe place where we are praying for restoration of families all over this world and sharing God's love, joy, hope and peace along the way!
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Eloquently Speaking have you ever been in a dark place and you wondered whether or not you would ever come out and you questioned God and asked Him, 
"God Where Are You? I did and here is my conversation with God:

Stacey Speaking: God, You said that You would lead me beside the still waters and You did but the closer....I got to the valley, the more distant You became and the few people that were with me at the shorelines, once I reached the opening of the valley door, they all disappeared and when I called out to You...You didn't answer and I want You to know God that I understand NOW that just because You didn't answer me, it didn't mean that You wasn't with me. I want to say thank You for the lessons that I learned in the darkest part, the bitterest part of my life!

God Speaking: Although you were in a dark place, my light was still shining inside of you but you had to learn that lesson on your own. I created you, I fearfully and wonderfully created you daughter and I know everything about you, your strengths, your weaknesses, your successes, your failures, the desires of your heart and it is through the valley that I began to teach you who you are and what you are made of! I created you in my image, I created my light to shine brightly inside of you and out of you so that those that see you come out of the darkness will KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I WILL BRING them out of the darkness too! Thank You Stacey for submitting to the very painful process in which you have been and are still being processed!  I will never leave you for forsake you, love God!

Stacey Speaking: I love You God, I appreciate everything that You have done for me and I thank You for blessing everyone that reads and watches this video, let them know that they too can do all things through Jesus Christ which strengthens them and make them laugh again too God!

There Is Nothing Too Hard For God
Stacey Lunsford
Isaiah 60:1
For Jesus
Arise, my people! Let your light shine for all the nations to see! For the glory of the Lord is streaming from you. Isaiah 60:1 (LTB)
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