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Shelley is currently involved in a project called WINDOWS founded by Andrea Smith aka The Bionic Butterfly, the creator of ArtColab Grenada in Grenada. A few of her poems called Tunnel Vision, Significance, Summer and a few others will be a part of the show. They will be teamed up with painters who will create painting around her poetry. Jema Noel will be the painter behind the poem Summer. 

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Author, Writer,

The Unprecedented Melodious Words
Of Ajeedapoet
With Shelley Fowler



Shelley Fowler is a author of a book of poetry called The Unprecedented Melodious Words of Ajee Da Poet, a collection of 64 poems that will make you think and see life in a different light.

 Her book is available on Amazon. She has also written poetry for two other books called The Necklace and Verses From The Heart. Both are in a compilation with other writers and poets. 

The proceeds for her poems The History of a Heirloom and Panoramic Orchestrations goes to support the Cancer Foundation in Maryland USA to help cancer patients with non-medical expenses. 
Shelley Ajeedapoet Fowler

She is a gifted author, 
writer, & poet

You can reach her on 
FaceBook at 
The Unprecedented 
Melodious Words 
OF Ajee Da Poet
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"My poetry is a picture of my thoughts 
frozen in time through 
the gift of writing."

​Come take a journey with Ajeedapoet through the cockles of her mind to explore her inner thoughts of love, injustice, frustrations, pain, poverty, drugs and spirituality.  All seen through the lens of poetry.  Some may leave you contemplating, angered and warm 
your heart.  

On this journey through rhythmic words you may see a reflection of your  past, present and future self.   Flow within the strength, rejuvenation, courage and preservation that each one of us have walked through on this sojourn passage we call life. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride of the 
Melodious Words of
Ajeedapoet will 
manifest to you!

Thanks to all for your
love and support!

Special Shout Out To

Shelley is also a featured author in new released book "Unleashed" by Creative Talents Unleashed Publishing Company with Raja's Insight the founder CTU and the Writer's Connection on FaceBook.

 100% of all proceeds from this book are being donated to the “Starving Artist Fund” to assist writers in becoming published authors. A $10 Purchase can help a writer become a published author! Please support Ajeedapoet and check out the book “Unleashed” and help support a writer today!

​Loved it and highly recommend it. Can't wait to read more by this author. If you want to know what the world looks like through the eyes of a normal every day person, someone who lives in the thick of real life this is it, not someones one sided opinion of what they think but the actuality of the living.
To add to her accomplished works, Shelley Ajeedapoet is 

Shelley is working on getting ten novels and two other books of poetry that she created published in the very near future. She is a phenomenal woman, author, writer and poet. You can reach out to her on Facebook and her email [email protected]

Shelley is native of Hackensack, New Jersey.  To add to her growing list of accomplishments Shelley Ajeedapoet is a radio host on Black Satin Radio that airs on Wednesday, November 5 at 9:00pm. The call in number is 646-478-4196  and the web address 

​Black Satin Radio, (646) 478-4196, is an internet-based station devoted to the art of words in the forms of poetry, music, and books. The station is dedicated to the creative works within the scope of these genres. Black Satin Radio aspires to introduce the listening audience to the inspiration behind the works while providing networking opportunities for each guest. Finally, Black Satin Radio will maintain a certain responsibility to philanthropic causes within and outside of its core demographic.
Shelley's first book is entitled, "The Unprecedented Melodious Words of Ajee Da Poet.  Check out these awesome reviews:

This wonderful collection of modern poetry is filled with strength and faith, though some of it also raw and painful. "Poetic justice" is a phrase coming to mind in poems like 'Chameleon', p 52. Shelley shares her insights, struggles, passions and hopes with us so that we might also see the pain in others and perhaps reach out to them. This theme is apparent in poems like 'Rut', p 158, as she suggests we be "livin', Lovin', Learnin', and Growin', "that through our lives the youth will be knowin'... The truth...". 

Other poems capture human need, pain, sexuality, faith and growth as human beings. This is a striking collection that I hope will be read by and to the youth of our country and world! Brilliantly written in rhythmic dictation. Raw and very inspiring of a journey before and after she found her true Father. Enjoyed taking the journey with her. If you ever watched Russell Simmons' Def Poetry, this would have brought the audience to their feet in tears! 
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