Hope Is On The Horizon!
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Honoring Men Globally
Not all black brothers have gone astray!
Beautiful black brothers today is your day!

Beautiful Black brothers, standing tall, with pride, 
You have your family right by your side! 

Beautiful black Brothers, I am so proud of you!
Providing, educating, & positive discipline too!

Beautiful Black Brothers, creating a safe environment  for our children to belong!

Beautiful Black Brothers, I need you to stay strong! 

Beautiful Black Sisters, like a tree in the summer standing full with it's leaves, honoring our beautiful black brothers...

Loving them, respecting them, helping them, motivating them and encouraging them to be to be all that they can be....

Beautiful Black Brother & Sisters, 
nurturing one another in love!
For All of My Beatiful Black Brothers That Are Doing Positive Things
This Page Is Dedicated To You.  My Goal Is To Show This World That African American Men Are Doing Wonderful Things In The Community!
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Every Month I Will Spotlight A Beautiful Black Brother And Highlight The Work That He Is Doing To Help Build & Support His Work!  If You Would Like To Nominate A Beautiful Black Brother That Is Doing Positive Things, Please Write An Essay Telling Me Why You Nominated Him & Share The Positive Work That He Is Doing, Explaining Why His Story Should Be Heard
Thank You For Helping The Cause!

Eloquently Speaking, 
Stacey Lunsford, Publisher
Eloquently Speaking About My Beautiful Brothers
Of A Beautiful Black Man Being Treated With Dignity 
And Respect!
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