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The Purpose of My Artwork 
Eloquently Speaking Who Is Eloquently Speaking?
Dare To Be Different
Hello, my name is Stacey Lunsford and I am the founder
of Eloquently Speaking and I am  a SURVIVOR and advocate for victims of Domestic Violence.
 Unlike many women that lost their lives; I lived to tell my story! You see God took my mess and He turned it into a message and as I share my private pain for public profit, those within my sphere of influence, are healed, delivered and set free from the many things that had them bound and God He gets's 
all of the glory!

At heart I am an encourager, I love helping people.  Many people are discouraged, downtrodden and like a race car running out of gas has to pull in for a pit stop to refill, to be revived, to be rejuvenated and get back in the race, symbolically many people are like that racing car.  

My creative works are the pit stop, the gas provided for them to be refilled, to be restored, to be rejuvenated, to be encouraged and motivated to stay in and complete the race:)

Stacey Lunsford

I was Creatively, created by the CREATOR to create inspirational and motivational messages through the artful skill of writing, web design, interactive media, image manipulation, audio, videos and music; paper and a pen are to me what a canvas with paints, oils and chalk is to Picasso.
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The Purpose of My Creative Works
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Eloquently Speaking
About Me 
Meet The Founder
I've always heard the phrase that the race isn't give to the swift but to those that endure to the end and eloquently speaking somewhere in the middle of training and competing, life’s circumstances get up in people’s faces to distract them from finishing the race, many lose hope and they need to be encouraged, they need to be reminded that they have what it takes and that they can make it​!  Hope Is On The Horizon here! 

 Dreams come true here! 

People Have Jesus Encounters Here!

Prison doors are opened up here!  

The captives are set free here!

The sick are healed here!

The hopeless find HOPE here!

The broken become whole here!

Darkness turns to light here!

"Humbly Speaking", the purpose of my artwork, to declare that “Hope Is On The Horizon” by sharing messages of hope through web design and interactive media.

My art is important to me because it’s not about me; it’s about serving and becoming the bridge to help others make it to the other side and accomplish their goals and be all that they can be!

My Mission Statement Is To Bring Good News To Those That Suffer .....
To be a refuge, a unique place, a safe place where those that have lost their identity and purpose in life can come to be restored and realize their true potential in Christ

To declare that “Hope Is On The Horizon” through my online magazine

To be an inspirational, educational, healing and filling station for those that are lost, those that are hurting, those that are broken and looking for love in all the wrong places

To help develop and cultivate the gifts, skills and talents of those desiring to raise their standard of living by understanding their purpose and strategically executing their vision and dreams through the artful skill of teaching, preaching, motivational speaking, seminars and conference

To love, honor and respect God, myself and those that I come in contact with, Esteeming others higher than myself

To walk in integrity and humble serve my fellow man by lending a helping hand 

Arise & Shine For Jesus Ministry 
Arise & Shine For Jesus Ministry 

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