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Veronica Thornton
Eloquently Speaking About 
Veronica "Vee" Thornton

Veronica Thornton a.k.a. Vee is the author of “Universal Colloquies Inside of Me” was always gifted with the art of verbal and written communication although she was never a big talker yet quite the observer and listener due to her severe childhood skin issues that plagued her until approximately 19 which helped her see people differently than others because many refuse to look past aesthetics to see the true person. 
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Universal Colloquies Inside of Me, Creative Talents Unleashed, 2015

(Liar) BlaqRayn Publishing Plus Magazine Issue 17, 2015

(Vee’s Story), Out of the Storm (Love Shouldn't hurt Bk. 1 Vol.1) compilation, Writer's Block Publishing, 2015

(Ridiculous)Divided Lines/ A poet's stance anthology, Creative Talents Unleashed, 2015

(New Name)Poets without Limits Magazine May issue, 2015


He blew me away like dust if I asked about us
what was I to do except look in his eyes and watch the stars twinkle
I hear its my heart that my head doesn’t trust
all this thinking back and forth the light is switched on and off
what I see in the light is also hiding in the dark
shadows lurking while doubt is working 
but it’s only because so many had shaded their shadiness until a new person seemed to arise out of the abyss it was like my common sense somehow went adrift tricked by lust brick by brick breaking down my trust 
escaping only through the windows of my mind
click my hells three times
and say there’s nothing like good love
there’s nothing like it and that’s what I love
there’s no answer to the definitive question
is it a blessing or a lesson depending on the receivers perception even though there are blessings in lessons even when we don’t think it’s a blessing maybe he’s not blowing me off like dust but planting seeds from the pieces he picked up to grow trust between us.



“Don't ignore the lesson
just because you don't like the one professing
there are things to learn from everyone if you have honest confessions.”

“You have to start somewhere to get anywhere
but trying to be everywhere will get you nowhere
sometimes you're supposed to just pay attention to be aware.”

“Sometimes you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel 
because you are the light for someone else in the tunnel
while passing through the light only looks like it's ahead
when it's bursting from inside of you instead.”

“When someone can't embrace themselves naturally 
they make up who they want to be just to fit into another's fantasy
unaware eventually the real them comes through in reality
yet they swear up and down it's someone else's insanity.”
Vee's Writing Accomplishments
Poetry by Veronica "Vee" Thornton
Photo courtesy of google images:  Britannica.com
“The disadvantage of having a heart
is that people try to take advantage
because theirs have been ripped apart.”

“Read yourself before you attempt to read someone else
you may find all the things you’re trying to hide
if you put your ego on the shelf and reflect on what’s inside.”
Focusing on the things that are not seen visually creates its own beauty.  Although the road is long and sometimes turbulent to keep moving forward with an open heart is a journey many are unwilling to take but the results will make your light shine as bright as the sun.


I was lost in his eyes when he found me with his heart

You create your own pace you find you've been running a rigged race because the obstacles weren't removed they were just replaced. 


The rain came and went but didn't wash away my pain within and he took the umbrella with him


The insanity of vanity creates alternative realities drowning insecurities failing to see see true beauty 


Chasing the light ignites a fire that burns for something more each step you take means the darkness has less power than before 

Vee is the author of “Universal Colloquies Inside of Me” 

Looking beyond the surface was/is her specialty because many make assumptions based on appearance unaware that some things are beyond a person’s control. She quickly learned that some of the ugliest people are packaged very well.  Her empathetic feelings towards others also caused her to look within herself for answers that many had no answers for or did not want to address.  

It took some time and searching for Vee to learn and accept what her purpose is.  She seemed to have a knack for writing and for some time brushed it off as others just being kind.   She went from job to job never quite finding her niche when she wasn’t working she was focusing on her education attending various institutions of higher education.  

In her educational pursuits she has received a Medical Secretary diploma as well as an Associate’s degree in Business Management while dabbling and researching philosophy, psychology and religion.

As her interests are vast in nature her curiosity and ability to be open minded led to many discussions and debates among various people from different cultures and economic backgrounds further educating her on the ways people view the world.  

She has an appreciation for all things creative and artistic which she found to be her strengths which include writing, painting and photography.

Vee is from Cleveland, Ohio and a mother of 2.  She is also a survivor of Domestic Violence.  Through it all the one thing that has remained consistent throughout her life is to keep moving forward and give love and support whenever she can.  

Many refer to her as a free spirit which she views as a compliment because to love and be loved is one of the greatest feelings a person can have and give.
Disappearing Limbs

Rooted as one tree yet limbs grow exponentially
 one connected to the other creating a beautiful arrangement of leaves of varying colors
 together they support the environment and each other sometimes sections of branches don’t grow straight or maybe their growth is stunted as they contort and bend because the leaves were vulnerable after stormy winds
 little invasive bugs came and left poison where they fed even still there are those rare occasions other branches of the tree try to prune their own leaves the way they see fit never thinking what the roots think of it causing chaos between the branches, the leaves and the tree  choosing to be unaware that no matter what you cut off the roots are still there and all they end up doing is exposing the weaknesses of the tree every branch, stem and leaf have a purpose  and they function as their part of the tree entails because each branch supports the other stemming from roots that look out for each other  just because you want some limbs to disappear doesn’t mean the roots didn’t want them there to have a view so slanted maybe 
 you never would’ve been planted.


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