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Author, Minister,
Women's Ministry

Empowering Women
Yvonne Carson
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Yvonne Carson - My Testimony 

As a child, members of my own family sexually abused me from age 6 to 10 years old! In addition, two neighborhood men I didn't even know also sexually abused me! My parents and my grandmother on my father's side emotionally and physically abused me throughout my childhood; they were also verbally abusive. I grew up in poverty, shame, fear, neglect, and felt rejected by my parents and my relatives.  

I grew up in an environment of uncontrolled anger and violence. Beatings consisted the use of ironing cords, broomsticks, and belt buckles. Punishments consisted of hours of standing in a corner or in the middle of the room, unable to lean on the wall, or made to go without food.

About Yvonne

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Our tagline is 
“Feeling Good About the Woman Inside.” 

Yvonne Is A Survivor Of 
Child Abuse & She Is Passionate About Helping Women Discover Their Life's Purpose!

Speaking Engagements:

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Yvonne & I Met Through An Inspirational Prayer Group A Few Years Ago  

She Truly Is A Gifted Woman Of God That I Greatly Admire, Love and Respect.

Please take the time to read her inspirational piece below entitled,

"It's Time Be Renewed"

Meet Yvonne Carson
Yvonne Carson
Founder of Empowerlicious Woman
Yvonne Carson
Empowerlicious Woman
Please click on Yvonne's Pic to learn more about her and how she is helping women to feel better about themselves.

Empowerlicious Woman

Yvonne has a compelling story of past hurts, childhood neglect, and sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Her past struggles with low self-worth is the catalyst for her work with women who struggle with low self-esteem and battles that continue to hold them captive. 

Yvonne is available for one-on-one coaching and counseling sessions.

 Yvonne strives to help women be transformed -- spirit, soul, and body 
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Stacey Lunsford aka

My mother would be gone for days, sometimes weeks, at a time. Many times, more than I care to remember, we were left with no food, lights, or gas to cook. My mother was nowhere to be found. There were several times I witnessed my father beating my mother. The screams of my mother scared me and I wanted to help, but as a little girl there was nothing I could do to help my mother. Though I never felt my mother loved me, I loved her, and hated my father for hurting her so badly. Eventually, I grew up to hate them both!

I was the responsible one in the family; I was the caretaker, the nurturer, the one everyone looked up to, to make things right. The crazy thing is, I was only a child but that was the way I was treated. I was the one who did all the babysitting for my sisters and brothers while my mother ran the streets. I also became the babysitter for people in my neighborhood. By the age of 8 or 9 I could handle children and run a household like the best of the best! I was the surrogate mother in my household growing up. It was no question as to whether I knew how to take care of a baby  I certainly could and did!

By age 14 ½ and two months from graduating from junior high school, I got pregnant. Consumed with shame and guilt, I dropped out. I was shamed even further by complete strangers on the street who saw me. It was evident that I was too young to be pregnant, and they made sure that I knew it! I felt even more rejection and shame. I became more and more withdrawn. Every negative comment I heard from strangers wounded me to the very depths of by being, so much so that I refused to leave my house. I stayed in most of the time and would only go out if I absolutely had to. ​

When I did go out, all I would get were staring eyes and people talking about me being too young and pregnant. Some even had the nerve to stop me and make their comments directly to me. Each time this happened, I went deeper into isolation, fear, condemnation, shame, anger, resentment, worry and feelings of rejection.

I became a mother at the age of 15 years old! I was an angry, bitter, fearful and resentful person for a very long time. Although I had someone to love and care for, I still desperately craved someone's loving and taking care of me, but that never happened. There were times the loneliness, rejection, shame, and fear made me long to die! I began to have suicidal thoughts, but I was too scared to even carry out my thoughts. Of course, today, I am so glad that I did not kill myself.

I took care of everyone else's needs so much to the point that I never really knew who I was and what I needed or wanted for my own life. I struggled most of my life for identity, belonging, and significance. I tried finding myself in men, work and other things, but I was never fulfilled. All of my relationships with men failed. They were abusive emotionally and one was physically abusive. The one who physically abused me was the one whom I lost my virginity and with whom I had my first child.

Each of those relationships left me feeling more and more worthless, unwanted, and insignificant. I would put up a good front like I didn't care, but I did care. I eventually came to an end of myself after yet another failed relationship and again left with another baby to raise alone that made child number four!

At the end of myself, I began to long for God and for a better life. I thought to myself there's got to be more to my life than what I had been experiencing. Eventually, I came to the Lord and got saved in 1985. It has been in the last 15 years however that I have really lived a committed Christian life!

It took a very long time for me to get over the things I went through as a child and a young adult. I didn't begin my healing process until God helped me to learn how to forgive myself, my mother, father, and all the others who had abused me, including my old boyfriends. I had to learn to let go of the hate I had developed for men. I had to let go of fear, worry, doubt, insecurity, bitterness, thoughts of revenge, shame and condemnation, and so much more!

Today, by the grace of GOD, I am a licensed ministered, had the opportunity to earned two masters degrees from Oral Roberts University (Master of Divinity and a Masters in Christian Counseling - Marriage and Family Therapy. Currently I am pursuing my Ph.D and license from In His Image Institute for Counseling and Training. 

In addition, God blessed me to teach Sunday school to both children and adults, author four books, counsel and coach women and be a source of encouragement, inspiration, and support to hurting women. I am a miracle; I never thought I would come this far in my life. I'm m still being shaped and molded into the woman God intended me to be before the foundation of the world! I am still becoming!
Eloquently Speaking About Yvonne Carson, Yvonne Carson, M.Div., MA, MFT

Yvonne Carson is a native of New York City. She is a two-time graduate of Oral Roberts University, where she received a Master of Divinity degree in 2006, and a Master of Arts Degree in Christian Counseling in 2008. Her degree is Christian counseling has a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy. She also completed the minister-in-training program from Greenwood Christian in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Bishop Gary McIntosh licensed her as a minister in 2008.

Yvonne Carson, CEO/Founder of Empowerlicious Woman ™. Our tagline is “Feeling Good About the Woman Inside.” When a woman feels good from the inside out she exudes confidence, faith, and assurance in who God has created her to be, not by the dictates of society. These attributes are needed, among other things, to live an authentic, purpose-driven life and for fulfilling her unique calling in life, I empower Christian women to eliminate emotional clutter, master their mindset, skyrocket their self-esteem, and awaken or reawaken their authentic voice silenced or
Yvonne Carson

Author, Minister
Women's Ministry
I Am A Woman That Has Been Loosed From Self!
suppressed as a result of abuse or other past unresolved hurts so they can get unstuck and move forward toward achieving their personal, professional, or ministry goals.

These things, Yvonne believes, are key to achieving spiritual, personal, business, and professional goals.

Yvonne is the Author of two Amazon Top 100 Best-selling books (available in print and Kindle ebook format).

“How to Discover Your Life Purpose and Stop Just Existing: A Woman’s Guide to Living Life With Purpose, Passion, and Fulfillment. (Ranked #1 in the Spiritual Growth Category).

“I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” (Ranked #2 in the Self-Esteem Self-Help Category)

She is also the author of “Declaring God’s Word: 101 Biblical Declarations Every Christian Mom Needs to Declare Over Her Children” which was also made Amazon’s 100 Top Best-sellers list and “Biblical Insights For Spiritual Transformation” scheduled to be released in February 2014.
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