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Gertrude Aba 
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You’re 100%human with a beautiful voice within…
If per chance life’s circumstances have tainted your voice 
Or totally robbed you of this golden voice
Know that all hope is not lost
Because the diamond inside of you
Is disclosed when you go through tough times.
You’re on your way to regaining your royalty…
When this voice of pain is replaced with a stronger voice…
And when you break forth like a fountain
You’ll find love all around you… And know that you are ROYALTY!!!

Live in the present; it is the best present you have today

Let go of the past; there’s nothing you can do to 
bring it back 

Yesterday has forgotten about you; it’s time to let loose

Shed off the staleness and renew yourself for this new day

Open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift 
The gift of a new day, brings you a fresh sense of inspiration

Be conscious of the beauty that surrounds you;
 it’s healing

Take the action needed to make a difference;
 touch a life

Some did not live to meet the gift of this new day; 
so be grateful 

Be all that you can and more…

Embrace the PRESENT 
of the PRESENT

And be a gift to HUMANITY

Written by Gertrude Aba
©16th March 2015
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RECOVER ROYALTY…                                          LOVE


Gertrude Aba

Kept in the darkness, and totally brainwashed 
Flooded with spiteful outlook about herself
Then a ray of light fell on her and exposed 
The reality of whom and what she actually is
She was amazed, as she struggled to come to terms
With the awesomeness of the image revealed
She gained self knowledge, the day the mirror spoke
Life began for her…the day she met herself
Now she knows that she’s complete, in all her flaws
She’s far better than what they made her believe
No longer will she be defined by people
Her truth is hers alone... and that’s what matters most

Written by Gertrude Aba
©10th March, 2015

                                                               INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY
                                                                 ACCRA, GHANA AFRICA

Not for my credentials…But for my credibility
Not for the mansions I owned…But for the homeless I housed 
Not for the children I had…But for the orphans I helped
Not for the crowd I attracted…But for the ethics I impacted
Not for the hours I prayed…But for the love I gave
Not for the battles I won…But for the injuries I soothed
Not for the achievements I made…But for the smiles I created
Not for what I gained from this world…
But for what I offered
To make the world
A better 

Written by Gertrude Aba
©28th November 2014

Evil eyes are watching…Disguised with smiles 
But their hearts have frowned…full with hate and vile
Cloth his hands with dexterity and skills
You’ll not always be there to pay the bills
Cover the baby, please cover him now!
Their eyes can explore through the baby’s head
Wrap his head with wisdom and good knowledge 
His chest is exposed…it’s not safe at all
Envelope his heart with love and discernment 
Cover the baby, please cover him now
Don’t let them glance into his precious eyes
Cloak his eyes with specs of judiciousness
They cast spells of vanity on babies
Whiles they rob them of their prosperous visions
Cover the baby, please cover him now
WOMAN! The baby needs your protection
The security that your womb provides
Evil eyes long to snuff out his young life
Waiting to make him their NEXT casualty
Cover the baby, please cover him now
Use the shawl of discipline and order
It’s impermeable to those evil eyes
WOMAN…! Make sure that shawl is thick enough
Don’t let him be the NEXT life to be slashed
Cover the baby, please cover him now
When the entire narrative has been heard
The last word that will be said is…WOMAN!!!
Baby’s survival depends on WOMAN!
WOMAN!!!... Evil eyes are watching…Please…Please
Cover the baby…Please cover him now!
Gertrude Aba
Gertrude Aba, 
I'm only a sinner saved 
by grace.  

I'm blessed and highly favored.

Mak me a channel of your peace where there is hatred let me bring your love. 

Where there is injury your pardon Lord and 

Where there is doubt true f
aith in You Lord!
Vision Statement

A society in which girls and women acknowledge their self worth…And are at peace with themselves.

Mission Statement

‘’RECOVER ROYALTY’’ seeks to enrich the girl with self worth and elegance through words of inspiration, public speaking, poetry, community outreach... With the aim of providing steps towards the total well being of a happy woman.
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