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Edwards - Robinson
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Dare To Be Different

(For Mr Thanh Nguyen; a very wise old Vietnamese man who I adored-he gave me the "one second" proverb)

DAUGHTERS(a Rondel poem)

Mothers, Sisters, Aunties, Grands
We are all His daughters
Do not let her falter
Beauty, Kindness, Intelligence awaken!

Honesty, Talent, Strength awaken!
Her direction-we can alter
Mothers, Sisters, Aunties, Grands
We are all His daughters

Teach her how to proudly stand
One second older...respect and love like your mothers
One second younger...respect and love like your daughters
Predestined to rule the land!
Mothers, Sisters, Aunties, Grands

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Poetry By Tinika

My motto;
This is your journey
Let your beauty glow!
Live & Love well-Do good-Seldom regret,
I am the sum of my experiences, proud of my gifts, enriched by those who have come before me.
Fueled by a source-holy.
I must be something special-the way He loves me!
That's it.

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Little Bird

You angry?
Me too!
No one to play with
no school
Mommie's always sleeping
in the day.
I'm hungry
got no food
I ask for cereos
She say, go way!
I get it by myself
but we got no milk
and the box too high.
I try to wake up Mommie
She get mad
She always mad
in the day.
She was happy last night
smoking and laughing
with the man who came
Stay in the room!
that what she say
Nana's always happy
in the day.
Wish I was
at Nana house
Nana call me
sweetness when she talk
Nana got good food
all the time.
Mommie calls me bad
names when she talk
She say if I tell Nana
She beat my butt!
I say, I want my Nana
She say, Shut up!
Little bird
Where your Mommie?
You angry?
Me too!



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Little Child-Wonderin Why?

Where God at?
How far is the sky?
Where Babies come from?
What we can't fly?
Why that man homeless?
Why we po?
Where the wind come from?
Where the dinosaurs go?
Why can't I have it?
Why they so mean?
Why people gone die?
Why my room gotta be clean?
No more questions!
Little Child?
Little Child...Wardering now.
Little Child?
Little Child-still Wonderin Why?

That Boy!!!

Eyes asquint!
Grittin my teeth!
Clampin my hands!
Imagin his throat!
You know,
Normal Mommie moments,
That boy!
That seizing inside
In my spirit
Of kill him!
Kill him now!
But I loves the boy.
There is no crazy
Like the crazy
He makes me.
That boy!
Any request
Any instruction
Directed to him
Is up for debate.
That boy!
Any sounds
Or any smells
Coming from him
Are suspect,
He is perpetually
2 1/2 with a boo-boo
At any age.
That boy!
Dear Mother
I now totally
Understand your rage.
Mama said
"Yo kids will make
A liar out of you"
She was right.
Grandma said
"They'll make you
Change your ways"
She was prophetic.
That boy!
He is me
And everything
That made my Mama
Totally crazy,
Times...Oh, one thousand!

Ma was right
"Stubborn Child!"
"You'll get yours one day!"
Curse complete.
That boy!
He's SO me!
Oh my God
In spades!
That boy!

Thank God, he knows
His Mama's crazy!
I brought him
Into this world
I CAN take him out.
That's legal I think.
He's made it so far.
So far.

That boy;
I know
For sure,
He'll be quite something
One day;
Once he's a man
All grown
We'll see,
Well that is
-If he lives!
That boy;

The bane of my existence!
And still, my joy...is he.


The day will come when, after harnessing the winds, the tides and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.

~Teilhard de Chardin.